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(1) “PROOF READING”: proofreading. Using track changes, this work will focus exclusively on proofreading your assignment, improving your syntax, grammar, and other elements of style so that it is ready to be handed in as it stands.

(2) “ANALYTICAL ADVANTAGE”: proofreading + analysis. Using track changes, this analysis will provide you with an analytical critique of your assignment to help eliminate weaknesses at the very heart of what YOU are arguing. We will address the substantive analytical mistakes that professors use to downgrade otherwise excellent research.

(3) “INTENSIVE APPROACH”: proofreading + analysis3. Using tracked changes, this option entails our doing everything above and much more. First, we provide you with actionable changes that will improve everything from your methodology to your bibliography. Second, we provide a triple assault from three of our distinction awarded volunteers, who like learning for fun. Third, we go through our checklist of best practices, and benchmarks which, we believe, are what constitutes a distinction level piece of writing. Finally, we return your paper with track changed comments suggesting major structural changes where applicable.

How do the three options work?It’s that simple!

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