Read these past recommendations for Less Silly Errors:

Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of our clients.


“Everything checks out. I want to thank you. This is a cool service that I want to use again soon.”

– SOAS Student, MSc in 2013


“I really appreciate your proofreading service. I will recommend it to my friends.”

– LSE Student, MSc in 2013


“Everything checks out perfectly. I have been reading your comments and they offer useful insight.”

– University of Edinburgh Student, MSc in 2013


“Thank you, thank you. You are totally worth it. My research now makes more sense, I can see exactly why. Good work!”

– Oxford Student, BSc in 2012


“Hi Matt, Your comments were very very useful to me. I really appreciate your service and will used you again.”

– UCL Student, MSc in 2012


“This is so useful. I learnt a lot by reading Kat’s comments.”

– King’s College London Student, BA in 2012

“Hi, Mr Matt I checked all file. Thank you for your help. I will reconsider my essay. If I have some questions, I will send mail later. I want you to proofread next essay!! I’m really appreciate for your rapid and helpful service. Thank you for your consideration. Regards.”

– SOAS Student, MSc in 2011

“It was not difficult to see why this team is making waves. No hassel, no problems, just effective excution of the task at hand. Many Thanks, Richard.”

– Richard, MSc in 2011

“This has provided me with good criticism from somebody with a fresh eye and helped me to clarify certain points. Good communication and perfectly on time.”

– Patricia, PhD in 2010

“Your team is punctual with returning my work.”

 Mami, LLM in 2010

“I have never had [proofreading] before. They did a very good job. I learn[t] a lot.”

– Michele, MSc in 2010

“I was not sure if it would work out but they helped me with good feedback. Yes, it is worth [it].”

 Monika, MSc in 2010

“It’s hard to say what I like[d] more, your [feedback] or the fact that I did not have to be [worried]. I[‘m] just so happy to be finally finish[ed] this year.”

– Deng, MSc in 2010

“Overall, I was really impressed [with] the amount of job you have done. If I were you I would increase the price for the service.”

– Akezhan, MSc in 2010

“This is a fantastic service that really took my dissertation to the next level.”

– Stefanie, MSc in 2009

“They finished it really quickly and I actually turned it in on time!”

– Charles, MSc in 2009

“I really like how quick they were in getting my work back to me. They were very responsive to my emailed questions.”

– Jara, MSc in 2010



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