Thus far, your PhD has likely been an exhausting journey and it’s taking a substantial toll on your body & mind. So getting a confidential proofreading, or even a second opinion will prove quite handy. Everyone can use a peer-reviewed critique of their central argument, their methodology, and other pertinent details. Don’t stare blankly at a brick wall for weeks on end. We have a track record of impressive results, and specialise in helping our clients meet their ultimate goal of completing (and possibly publishing) their theses. 

Our advantage over other proofreading firms is that we have a peer network of PhD candidates, and post-MSc experts who are happy to assist you in providing refreshing insight with the assurance that your content will remain confidential, and will be copyright protected. *They say there are two kinds of academics: (1) those who publish, and (2) those who perish. We’d like to see you in the former category! *citation needed.

Our point is that, even at great academic heights, you should not be afraid to seek out a second or third opinion where necessary.

Helpful books:

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