So, you’re a sharp young neophyte or a returning professional with a vision for success. The problem is that transferring your ideas into written form is not easy. Can you talk somebody’s ear off about Marxist theory, or explain Nash’s equilibrium in under 60 seconds? I bet your parents brag about you at family functions…so embarrassing! You’re good, but there is always room for improvement. There is a huge difference between a pass, and a distinction. Our network of advisors can serve as a sober second thought before you hand in your next piece of writing.

Our favourite papers are the 1,500 word ones! Your supervisors certainly expect substantial analytical content in a very short space. Notice that when professors grade your papers, their grading seems arbitrary?  Understanding how education works is everything, and we are here to help you learn how to write quality essays. We have best practices, and benchmarks that will provide you with unbiased feedback. Feedback matters because at most UK universities, the final exams are the primary means through which students are assessed. In preparation, unassessed/formative 1,500 word papers are a valuable indicator of your development. Essentially, your final exams will require that you replicate those formative papers in a controlled exam setting. So getting constructive feedback is essential.

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